2D Colormaps Javascript Plugin

2D Colormaps

This plugin allows you to encode two-dimensional information with color based on a 2D colormap. Examples include scatterplots of multivariate projections or the visual representation of Self-Organizing Maps. Try it with a random scatterplot example:

Data Result Background:

This plugin is based on the work of Steiger et al.
Explorative Analysis of 2D Color Maps
Steiger, M., Bernard, J., Mittelstädt, S., Hutter, M., Keim, D., Thum, S., Kohlhammer, J.
Proceedings of WSCG (23), 151-160, Eurographics Assciation, Vaclav Skala - Union Agency, 2015

Basic Usage

Integrate the color2D.js file:
<script src="color2D.js"></script>
To set a colormap, use the setColormap() function. This function needs to be called in order to use the colormap. Note, that the method expects a callback function which will executed after the corresponding colormap is loaded. After having loaded the colormap, you can use the getColor() function, which returns a RGB array [r, g, b] in the range [0;255].
Color2D.setColormap(Color2D.colormaps.BREMM, function() {
    var rgb = Color2D.getColor(x, y);
So far, the following colormaps are supported:
Feel free to define your own 2D colormap and load it as a PNG. Therefore, you have to set the path to and the dimensions of the PNG file.
Color2D.colormaps.NEW_COLORMAP = "$path_to_png$.png";
Color2D.dimensions = {width: 512, height: 512};
Per default, Color2D expects your data to be feature scaled within the range [0,1]. However, you can also change the range according to your data:
Color2D.ranges = {x: [0,1], y: [0,1]};


Zip Archive (latest stable version): Color2D.zip
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/dominikjaeckle/Color2D


This plugin is licensed unter the Apache 2.0 License
Copyright © 2017 Dominik Jäckle